Summer season 2017

Summer season 2017

To Niš (INI):

DestinationFlight No.ArrivalAirlineFromToMonTueWedThuFriSatSun
MalmöW6 426618:20wizz28. Mar16. May
MalmöW6 426618:20wizz19. May27. Oct
BASEL MulhouseW6 426418:45wizz26. Mar12. Jul
BASEL MulhouseW6 426417:40wizz15. Jul28. Oct
DortmundW6 427211:05wizz27. Mar10. Apr
DortmundW6 427211:05wizz12. Apr24. Apr
DortmundW6 427211:05wizz28. Apr19. Jun
DortmundW6 427211:05wizz21. Jun12. Jul
DortmundW6 427211:05wizz16. Jul17. Sep
DortmundW6 427211:05wizz18. Sep27. Oct
EindhovenW6 427012:00wizz29. Mar25. Oct
MemmingenW6 426811:30wizz27. Mar27. Oct
BerlinFR 110514:35ryan26. Mar26. Oct
BerlinFR 110515:10ryan26. Mar26. Oct
BratislavaFR 298715:40ryan27. Mar27. Oct
Milan BergamoFR 401113:15ryan28. Mar28. Oct
Milan BergamoFR 40118:45ryan28. Mar29. apr
Milan BergamoFR 401119:10ryan2. May28. Oct
Dusseldorf WeezeFR 651119:50ryan26. Mar26. Oct
*ZürichLX251213:45swiss02. Apr27. Oct
ZürichLX251215:05swiss02. Apr27. Oct
ZürichGM22589:40germania23. Jun27. Oct
ZürichGM225816:00germania23. Jun27. Oct

* During the period of 02.06. to 30.06. arrival is at 18:15

From Niša (INI):

DestinationFlight No.ArrivalAirlineFromToMonTueWedThuFriSatSun
MalmöW6 426518:50wizz28. Mar16. May
MalmöW6 426518:50wizz19. May27. Oct
BASEL MulhouseW6 426319:15wizz26. Mar12. Jul
BASEL MulhouseW6 426318:10wizz15. Jul28. Oct
DortmundW6 427111:35wizz27. Mar10. Apr
DortmundW6 427111:35wizz12. Apr24. Apr
DortmundW6 427111:35wizz28. Apr19. Jun
DortmundW6 427111:35wizz21. Jun12. Jul
DortmundW6 427111:35wizz16. Jul17. Sep
DortmundW6 427111:35wizz18. Sep27. Oct
EindhovenW6 426912:30wizz29. Mar25. Oct
MemmingenW6 426712:00wizz27. Mar27. Oct
BerlinFR 110615:00ryan26. Mar26. Oct
BerlinFR 110615:35ryan26. Mar26. Oct
BratislavaFR 298816:05ryan27. Mar27. Oct
Milan BergamoFR 401213:40ryan28. Mar28. Oct
Milan BergamoFR 40129:10ryan28. Mar29. Apr
Milan BergamoFR 401219:35ryan2. May28. Oct
Dusseldorf WeezeFR 651220:15ryan26. Mar26. Oct
*ZürichLX251314:30swiss02. Apr27. Oct
ZürichLX251315:45swiss02. Apr27. Oct
ZürichGM225910:25germania23. Jun27. Oct
ZürichGM225916:45germania23. Jun27. Oct

* During the period of 02.06. to 30.06. departure is at 18:55

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