City of Nis

Nis is one of the oldest cities on the Balkan Peninsula called the Gate to the West and East from ancient times owing to the fact that it is a connection between the mid and west Europe with Greece, Aegean Sea, Turkey, Asia the Minor and Middle East and at the same time east Europe and low-lying ground along the rivers of the Timok and Morava with the Adriatic Sea.

The city got its name after the river Nisava which flows through the city. The Celtic ancestors named the place Navissos. Nis with the population of over 250 000 is the second to the largest city in Serbia. It is at the altitude of 192 m and covers the area of 596.72 km2, with moderate-continental climate.

Nis is simultaneously a natural, social, business, educational, cultural, health and sports center of the south-east Serbia; it is a communication knot of the European roads and railway lines and with its airport easily accessible from various destination. It is one of the largest industrial centers in Serbia with the long experience in the many leading industrial branches.

Nis as a university center with a large number of experts and qualified people in different branches together with rich traditional experience in industry and trade offer an opportunity to realize highly profitable jobs and projects in various branches for example in machine industry, electrical, textile, rubber, food processing industry as well in the sphere of civil engineering, trade and tourism.

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