Hand luggage

Hand, cabin or carry-on luggage is the luggage you are taking with you on board an aircraft. Airlines determine the quantity, weight and dimensions of hand luggage. On the website of the airline you choose, check limitations, weight and amount of hand luggage that you choose for flight.

Categories of items forbidden on board:

  • firearms and other objects which may fire off missiles and cause serious injury;
  • sharp / pointed objects with cutter or sharpened point which can cause serious injury;
  • workmen’s tools that can be used for serious injury or threat to the safety of the airplane;
  • blunt objects which can cause serious injury when hit with them;
  • explosives, flammable materials and devices that can cause serious injury or a threat to the safety of the airplane;
  • chemicals and toxic substances.

Passengers may carry liquids above if they are properly packed in checked baggage. For more information, contact the carrier’s office or at the airport staff.

Airlines determine the quantity, weight and dimensions of free hand luggage. Anything above the prescribed characteristics of hand luggage at an additional charge. Information about the amounts and conditions applicable to transport excess baggage at designated airline.

In order to protect the safety of passengers the amount of liquids, gels and aerosols that is carried in hand luggage must be limited. This includes: drinks, oils, perfumes, lotions, gels, mixtures of liquids and solids, containers under pressure such as shaving foams, gels, toothpaste, deodorants, perfumes and other items of similar content.

In hand luggage liquids, gels and aerosols could be transported if packed in the zipped 20 x 20cm transparent plastic bag. Each passenger can bring one zipped transparent plastic bag. Maximum capacity per item carried in zipped transparent plastic bag is 100ml with total volume of 1000ml liquid allowed per passenger (see photo below).

NOTE: For security reasons, at Airport “Constantine the Great” Nis, the limit above about terms of liquid volume and packaging methods also applies for liquids used for medical purposes or due to special dietary requirements, including baby food (see photo below).

It’s strictly forbidden to leave any luggage unattended at the airport!


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