Winter season 2017

Winter season 2017

To Nis (INI):

DestinationFlight No.ArrivalAirlineFromToMonTueWedThuFriSatSun
MalmöW6 426618:20wizz30th Oct22nd Dec
MalmöW6 426618:20wizz29th Dec23rd Mar
BASEL MulhouseW6 426418:30wizz31st Oct19th Dec
BASEL MulhouseW6 426418:30wizz21st Dec09th Jan
BASEL MulhouseW6 426418:30wizz13th Jan24th Mar
DortmundW6 427211:05wizz30th Oct22nd Dec
DortmundW6 427211:05wizz29th Dec05th Jan
DortmundW6 427211:05wizz08th Jan23rd Mar
EindhovenW6 427012:35wizz29th Oct21st Mar
MemmingenW6 426811:10wizz29th Oct21st Mar
BerlinFR 110514:35ryan02nd Nov22nd Mar
BerlinFR 110515:05ryan29th Oct17th Dec
BerlinFR 110513:10ryan24th Dec24th Dec
BerlinFR 110515:05ryan31st Dec18th Mar
BratislavaFR 298715:40ryan30th Oct22nd Dec
BratislavaFR 298715:40ryan29th Dec23th Mar
Milan BergamoFR 467114:10ryan31st Oct20th Mar
Milan BergamoFR 467113:20ryan04th Nov24th Mar
Dusseldorf WeezeFR 651119:50ryan02nd Nov22nd Mar
Dusseldorf WeezeFR 65119:15ryan29th Oct24th Dec
Dusseldorf WeezeFR 65119:15ryan7th Jan18th Mar
Stockholm SkavstaFR 109419:45ryan31st Oct24th Mar
ZürichLX 142209:00swiss29th Oct23rd Mar
ZürichLX 142215:10swiss29th Okt23rd Mar
Zürich*GM225809:55germania22nd Dec08th Jan
Zürich*GM225817:55germania22nd Dec08th Jan

From Nis (INI):

DestinationFlight No.DepartureAirlineFromToMonTueWedThuFriSatSun
MalmöW6 426518:50wizz30th Oct22nd Dec
MalmöW6 426518:50wizz29th Dec23rd Mar
BASEL MulhouseW6 426319:00wizz31st Oct19th Dec
BASEL MulhouseW6 426319:00wizz21st Dec09th Jan
BASEL MulhouseW6 426319:00wizz13th Jan24th Mar
DortmundW6 427111:35wizz30th Oct22nd Dec
DortmundW6 427111:35wizz29th Dec05th Jan
DortmundW6 427111:35wizz08th Jan23rd Mar
EindhovenW6 426913:10wizz29th Oct21st Mar
MemmingenW6 426711:40wizz29th Oct21st Mar
BerlinFR 110615:00ryan02nd Nov22nd Mar
BerlinFR 110615:30ryan29th Oct17th Dec
BerlinFR 110613:35ryan24th Dec24th Dec
BerlinFR 110615:30ryan31st Dec18th Mar
BratislavaFR 298816:05ryan30th Oct22nd Dec
BratislavaFR 298816:05ryan29th Dec23rd Mar
Milan BergamoFR 467214:35ryan31st Oct20th Mar
Milan BergamoFR 467213:45ryan04th Nov24th Mar
Dusseldorf WeezeFR 651220:15ryan02nd Nov22nd Mar
Dusseldorf WeezeFR 651209:40ryan29th Oct24th Dec
Dusseldorf WeezeFR 651209:40ryan07th Jan18th Mar
Stockholm SkavstaFR 109520:10ryan31st Oct24th Mar
ZürichLX 142309:40swiss29rh Oct23rd Mar
ZürichLX 142315:50swiss29th Oct23rd Mar
Zürich*GM225810:40germania22nd Dec08th Jan
Zürich*GM225818:40germania22nd Dec08th Jan


Wizz Air:
– 25.12.2017. NO TRAFFIC

– Sunday, 24.12.2017. – CHANGE OF TIME OF ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE 14:30 – 14:55
– Monday, 25.12.2017. – NO TRAFFIC
– Sunday, 31.12.2017. – NO TRAFFIC

*Germania Flug will only operate from Niš Airport from 22nd of December to 8th of January

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