SWISS connections to the world

The national airline of Switzerland, SWISS, who performs schedual flights to Zurich from our airport, offers you the opportunity to connect with Europe and the world using their flights via the Zurich airport. On the same day you can connect up to 35 destinations worldwide at extremely favorable prices of return air tickets.

Starting destinationFinal destinationAirline
Niš (via Zurich)Bangkok(BKK)SWISS/THAI AIRWAYS
Niš (via Zurich)Boston(BOS)SWISS
Niš (via Zurich)Buenos Aries(EZE)SWISS
Niš (via Zurich)Chicago(ORD)SWISS
Niš (via Zurich)Johannesburg(JNB)SWISS
Niš (via Zurich)Miami(MIA)SWISS
Niš (via Zurich)Montreal(YUL)SWISS
Niš (via Zurich)New York(EWR)SWISS
Niš (via Zurich)New York(JFK)SWISS
Niš (via Zurich)Rio de Janeiro(GIG)SWISS
Niš (via Zurich)Sao Paulo(GRU)SWISS
Niš (via Zurich)Singapure(SIN)SWISS
Niš (via Zurich)Hong Kong(HKG)SWISS

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